The Highlighting Part Of Our Franchise


Our brand name gives you a wider reach with presence across different locations.


We handle all your marketing needs and promote you on different social media platforms.

Google Business

We manage and optimize your google business profile and make sure that you always rank among the top search results.

Social Media Creatives

We will continuously design creatives specifically curated for you and publish it on google for a wider reach.

Best Deals

We will always try to give you best possible discounts on medicines and ayurvedic products.

Web Page

We will create your very own web page so that anyone who wishes to opt for an online consultation can directly come to that link and book their online consultation.


You will be given the option to publish blogs on our website which will be added to your very own web page.

Clinic Design

We will hlep you with your clinic design if required.

What you will get?

  • Doctor's profile
  • Social Media Support
  • Google Business Profile

Partner your clinic with Apna Health

  • Reach among the top search on Google.
  • Help you reach a wider audience.
  • Multiple locations with same brand name increases visibility.

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Fill in the form to get in touch with our executive and take the first step. Upon filling up the form you will be recieving a call from our executive & our Franchise brochure that outlines the requirements and benefits of the franchise will be shared with you.

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Our network is only available to BAMS qualified doctors and not to any other healthcare practitioner. We are dedicated to enabling vaidyas who have chosen the Ayurvedic medical system to creat their own success sotry.